August 4, 2017

You wear your favorite yoga pants or camo shorts and a “This Dirty Diet Coke is Making Me Awesome” t-shirt, sit down with a bag of cookies and proceed to check Facebook.

Then you choke when you see the save-the-date for our 30-year high school reunion is only months away. There is no way you’ll lose 50 pounds in time, so you tackle that second bag of cookies before it gets stale. And you cringe because your title of “Most Likely to Succeed” turned into “Most Likely to Wear Pajamas to the Store.”

Even if you hated high school, you don’t want to miss the excitement and renewed camaraderie that could result from attending our 30-year reunion. Here are some reasons to go:

Let it go. Let go of your hang-ups of what you have or haven't done. Nobody cares. We just want to see you.

Lifelong bonds. These are the friends you grew up with. Some you may have met in elementary school. That you had sleepovers with. That you sluffed school with. Though you may not have seen each other for years it reminds you how lucky you are to have grown up together.

This is why Spanx was invented. We're all old. Yeah, most of us have lost some hair or color the gray hair and gained bellies. Embrace it. Bring your readers and some photos of your kids and/or grandkids.

The Memory Table. Photos of classmates we've lost is a a stark reminder that we’re not invincible. The crowd that cheered together and stomped to the beat of “Living on a Prayer” is missing several members.

Yes, it's been 30 years. But you don't look a day over 18. Come back to remember your time as a Weber Warrior and reconnect with classmates.

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